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The Rejection of Jesus & God's Good Plan

Back in the day, people would talk about the "perspicuity" of the Bible - which simply means that the Bible is clear, understandable, not confusing. Now days, it sounds rather strange to use a confusing word like perspicuity to refer to the simplicity and clarity of the Bible. Anyway, the principle still stands - God revealed Himself in a clear and understandable Word. Th...

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Going Towards Need, Not Comfort

The gospel compiles us to move towards need not comfort. We are prone to do only that which is comfortable, but the glorious message of the cross is not comfortable in its content or application....

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Life in the Body - Part 1

Community (Scrable)-Calendar

Learning to live life in the Body of Christ...

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Life in the Body - Part 2

Life in the Body is not an event to be attended, but an intentional loving and caring for one another as Hebrews 10 makes clear. ...

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Remember the Cross - Don't Merely Romanticize It

The Cross of Jesus Christ is definitely something that we must remember as Christians, but something that we must not simply romanticize. ...

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Welcome to the New Website


This excerpt appears on pages that list a number of blog posts....

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