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Worshiping Indoors & Apply Romans 14

If you go back to the early Christian Church, followers of Jesus struggled to love one another when they disagreed over significant matters. It is easy to love someone when you agree with them, but it becomes challenging to actually love someone when you don't agree. This is why Jesus told His disciples, By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have l...

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Gathering Again (1.17.21)

Over the past weeks, we have been learning once again to wait on the Lord (Psalm 40:1). To beg Him for wisdom and direction. To diligently seek Him in His Word (Proverbs 2:1-6). These have been and will continue to be trying days, but we trust that God is accomplishing His perfect work through this season of trial (James 1:2-4). And so we, like Paul, desire to rejoice all ...

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Gathering Indoors Sunday October 25th

The Word of God is our unquestionable guide for faith and practice. In every season of life we have to check our biases, our desires, our opinions, and even our convictions against the Word of God. When the Lord has clearly spoken, our responsibility is to submit to it. However, at times it is hard to discern what the Holy Spirit's specific application of the Word is in a ...

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Take Time to Remember


For followers of Jesus, remembering the events that took place on Maundy Thursday is massively significant. Let's briefly rehearse the events of this day together......

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Remember His Works

We are quick to forget what God has done. We are slow to remember how God has been good to us, how God has been faithful to us, how God has showered us with steadfast love and mercy. We have spiritual short-term memory loss. On Sunday night at EGBC we remembered - we remembered the works of the Lord. We remembered how God has been faithful to EGBC. Read more about how G...

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Missions Exists because Worship Doesn't

Missions exists because worship doesn't. Worship is ultimate, not mission. Humanities greatest problem is a worship problem. You see, we were made to be worshippers. We are hard-wired to worship something. But then enters sin, and at its very core sin is a worship malfunction. We don't worship what we were created to worship. We have created for ourselves a host of false g...

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Never Forget what Christmas Declares

So even though the Christmas season has passed - the truths of Christmas must never pass. The truths of Christmas are needed every day if we are going to know God, love God, and live for God. Take comfort today and every day in the truths proclaimed by Christmas! ...

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The Ordinariness of Immanuel

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If we were given the choice to pick between something that looked ordinary and simple verses something that sparkled shined, we would most likely be drawn to the latter. In our nature, we seem to be drawn to the shiny. The pretty. The alluring. Perhaps we can trace it to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were instructed by God to enjoy everything in the garden except ...

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The Rejection of Jesus & God's Good Plan

Back in the day, people would talk about the "perspicuity" of the Bible - which simply means that the Bible is clear, understandable, not confusing. Now days, it sounds rather strange to use a confusing word like perspicuity to refer to the simplicity and clarity of the Bible. Anyway, the principle still stands - God revealed Himself in a clear and understandable Word. Th...

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Going Towards Need, Not Comfort

The gospel compiles us to move towards need not comfort. We are prone to do only that which is comfortable, but the glorious message of the cross is not comfortable in its content or application....

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