Reading through the Word

If we want to know God, we must read the Bible. God can in-part known through Creation (Psalm 19:1-6), but that is not enough (Romans 1:18-23). To truly know God, His Word must be opened and read. His Word must be carefully thought about and studied. 

Because of that - we at RBC are striving to read through the Bible in 2022. We will be using a 5 Day Reading Plan, a Chronological Reading Plan, and a Read Through the New Testament in a Year Plan

Paul challenged Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:7 to "train yourself for godliness." And so this call applies to all Christ-followers today. Training is not always easy, but it is always good. May we "train ourselves for godliness" by drawing near to this God who has promised to draw near to us through Christ!