What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is soul care, based on the timeless truths of God's Word, the bible. At the heart of our care is the conviction that God's Word has the answers to care for the souls of hurting people. This does not mean the bible has all the answers to the questions one may have about their problems. What it means is the bible is sufficient for our counseling practice to supply our counselors with the best information needed to help our counselees live to please the Lord, despite their problems. (2 Peter 1:3). 

The goal of our care 

Unlike secular therapy, the faith of our counselees is our primary focus. By faith we mean the choice to view and address one’s problems through the lens of the Bible rightly interpreted and applied. Our goal is simple - to help fellow believers walk with God through the trials and pain that life brings. Even, through your darkest days, God is ready and able to care for you at the level of your soul. God's Word rightly understood and applied provides rich comfort, care, and direction through the pain and suffering caused by living in a broken world.  

The place of our care 

Biblical counseling is part of the discipleship ministry of the church and is conducted under pastoral authority. Our church community is comprised of believers who voluntarily submit themselves to one another in love for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    

The purpose of our care 

Our soul care ministry exists to manifest Jesus to the world. We do this in two ways. First, by building up the faith of our members through our discipleship counseling ministry, we strengthen our witness locally. Secondly, by offering soul care to those outside our church community as the Lord leads us. 

How can I receive counseling?

If you would like to receive biblical counseling, you will need to fill out several forms to help us process your information and get you started. Once you complete the forms, one of our biblical counselors will contact you soon to arrange a time to meet (all of our biblical counseling is done free of charge). You can access the forms by clicking here.

How can I learn more about biblical counseling?

If you would like to know more about Biblical Counseling at EGBC, you are welcome to check out the following organizations that we consider to be like-minded in the area of Biblical Counseling: