Remember His Works

Throughout the Old Testament, God would remind His people to remember. Remember His works. Remember His covenant. Remember His promises. Remember His commandments. Simply put - Remember Him! 

You know - we really aren’t that different than the people of God thousands of years ago. Sure, they lived in tents and wandered around the wilderness. But at the end of the day, we aren’t that different. God delivered them, God delivers us. God provided for them, God provides for us. God covenanted with them, God covenants with us. God commanded them, God commands us. We really aren’t that different. 

Think with me - we are quick to forget what God has done. We are slow to remember how God has been good to us, how God has been faithful to us, how God has showered us with steadfast love and mercy. We have spiritual short-term memory loss. We are like the Christians in Corinth who needed to be reminded of the very basics - the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-3). We need to remember because we are so quick to forget. 

Sunday night (1.27.19) at EGBC was just that, a time to remember. We remembered the works of the Lord. We remembered how God has been faithful to EGBC. Here are a few things that we remembered together: 

  1. In the early months of 2016, it looked like EGBC was going to close its doors. But God was faithful. 
  2. In 2016-2017, three pastor/elders were raised up at EGBC and they led the Church through some sweet and difficult days. Pastor Ernie, Pastor Doug, and Pastor Phil labored together to preserve this precious body of believers. 
  3. In October of 2017, Pastor Justin joined this team of pastor/elders as a full-time pastor of Preaching & Teaching. 
  4. In March of 2018, EGBC established deacons for the first time with eight men who are biblically qualified and eager to care for the body of Christ. 
  5. In June of 2018, we finished 22 weeks of preaching through Psalm 119. We grew to know God, love God, and live for God more through this glorious chapter.
  6. In September of 2018, we launched Community Groups. Immediately, 40% of the body engaged in life-together through these groups. God willing, several more will be launched in 2019. 
  7. In November of 2018, we had a Thanksgiving Praise Service that was phenomenal. Believers gathering for the simple purpose of giving praise to God for His goodness and greatness. 
  8. In 2018, God provided financially for EGBC in indescribable ways. We began the year wondering if we would have enough money to meet our most basic needs, and God came through in tremendous ways. Praise be to God! 
  9. In 2018, EGBC nearly doubled in size. This was an unexpected working of the Lord, but again, we praise Him! We praise Him for people who are hungry to hear the Word of God proclaimed. We praise Him for people who are eager to do life with one another. We praise Him for people who lavishly love on one another. Simply put - we praise Him! 

And because of all that God is doing at EGBC, in 2019 we are prayerfully anticipating a total interior remodel of our facility. In order to accommodate all that God is doing, we need to redesign everything. So Lord willing, by the end of 2019, we will be able to fit everyone in our auditorium who is gathering to worship on the Lord's Day, adequately care for our growing children’s ministry, and provide a place for people to fellowship on Sunday's and throughout the week. 

Brothers & sisters, God has been good to us. Let’s be committed to remembering the works of the Lord, and let’s praise Him for His great and mighty works! 


All glory to God alone,

Pastor Justin for the EGBC pastoral team

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