The Worthiness of the Messiah

March 17, 2019 Speaker: Justin Schroeder Series: The Identity of Jesus

Scripture: John 1:41

When we know who Jesus is, we will follow. Believing demands knowing who He is!

John 1:41-

What is a Messiah?
1. One who was anointed for a specific task. Given the Spirit. Ex: Samson
2. Chosen by God Ex: Moses, 2 Sam 12:7
3. Given Authority by God for the task.

Who is a Messiah?
1. Prophets were Messiah’s (spoke on behalf of God) 1 Kings 19:16
2. Priests were Messiah’s (ministered on behalf of God). A go between. Mediator. Exodus 28:41
3. Kings were Messiah’s (figures for us to submit to, since we wouldn’t submit to God) 1 Kings 1:34

Jesus is the Messiah: John 1:40
1. Chosen by God
Hebrews 5:5
John 6:38
2. Given Authority by God
Matthew 28:18-20
Romans 1:4
3. Given the Spirit by God (w/o measure)
John 1:32
Isaiah 42

Jesus is the Word of God
1. He is the final perfect prophet
Hebrews 1:1-2
2. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice
Hebrews 9:11-14
3. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Philippians 2:10

Jesus is the perfect and final Messiah, so follow Him!

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