Parenting Weekender - 2021

The Parenting Weekender is a strategic opportunity to be equipped to "do the work of the ministry" in the context of your home (Ephesians 4:11-12). Christian parents have the privilege of discipling their children to love and live for Jesus every day. We may feel ill equipped to actually disciple our children, but that is why God has given us both the Word and the Spirit! We truly have everything we need for life and godliness. The Parenting Weekender will be a time to grow with brothers & sisters in Christ as we strive to gospelize our children.   

The keynote speaker for the Parenting Weekender is Rich Harasick. Rich has been an elder at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley for over 30 years. His primary responsbility has been shepherding the kids ministry of Grace Church. He works with their children's ministry pastors, trains their kids ministry staff, serves in classrooms with children, and teaches a 9-week class for parents every year - Parenting for Life. Rich and Karen have two adult children and seven grandchildren. 

 Here are some essential details for the Parenting Weekdner on October 22-23rd: 

  • The Parenting Weekender will take place at EGBC 
  • The Parenting Weekend will go from 6:30PM-8PM on Friday evening & 9AM-3:30PM on Saturday
  • The Parenting Weekender will be free of chrage. We will be taking an offering to help off set the expenses of the conference.
  • Please register  you need to register here
  • The Parenting Weekender will include desert & refreshments on Friday night, continental breakfast on Saturday morning, and lunch on Saturday afternoon.  
  • The Parenting Weekender will provide limited child care - please register your children for child care by contacting the EGBC office here

If you have any questions regarding the Parenting Weekender, please contact the EGBC office