Authentic Worship & Righteous Anger

May 5, 2019 Speaker: Justin Schroeder Series: Seeker: the God who is Seeking Worshipers

Topic: The Person & Work of Jesus Scripture: John 2:12–2:25

Who is Jesus to you?  Jesus defines Himself.  In our text today, Jesus displays Godly anger because of false worship.

1.  Coming to Grips with False Worship - John 2:12-14.

2.  God's Hatred of False Worship - John 2:15-17.

3.  False Worship longs for Signs - John 2:18-22.

4.  False Worship is Just That...False - John 2:23-25

5.  Jesus Frees and Redeems us from False Worship - The Gospel.

5 implications from Christ's anger:
1.  Love what God loves.
2.  Hate what God hates.
3.  Stand firm on God issues.
4.  Be angry but dont sin.
5.  Dont always think anger is the way to go.

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