Life in the Body - Part 2

“The gospel enables total access into one another’s lives.” This was our premise from Hebrews 10:24-25 last Sunday. We are called to radically love one another, which according to Hebrews 10 means that we humbly and eagerly “provoke one another to love and good works.” From Hebrews 10, we saw that because of the Gospel… 

  • We Intentionally Love One Another 
  • We Painfully Love One Another 
  • We Practically Love One Another 
  • We Continually Love One Another 

Such love is not possible “in the flesh.” It is truly an evidence of the Spirit of God at work in us and through us. Apart from God’s lavish grace at work, my love is selfish and self-centered. Apart from God’s abundant grace at work, my love is lazy. Apart from God’s abundant grace at work, I will never love you like Jesus loves me. Hebrews 10 kind of love is simply an evidence of saving and transforming grace. 

Yet, such intentional love is really hard even as a Christian. Just because Jesus has redeemed me, does not mean that I automatically cease to love self and radically love others. I continually worship at the idol of self-love. At times, I’m unwilling to let people into my life because I love me. At other times, I use the excuse of busyness to keep people away because I love me. And then, there are times when I am simply too proud to admit that I need the Body of Christ. I think I’m okay all on my own because I love me.

But, Hebrews 10 pushes us to truly love one another in the body of Christ. It calls upon each and every child of God to intentionally put themselves in the place where they can be known by others. To be humble enough to receive loving instruction from brothers and sisters in Christ. To be willing to speak God’s truth into someone else’s life for their good and the glory of Jesus. To patiently endure with others, as they patiently endure with you. To give grace, because you have been given grace. To love radically, because you have been loved radically by God in the gospel. 

We must break out of the unbiblical notion that being a Christian means we “attend Church” at some point during our week. Being a Christian means that we are now part of this gloriously messy group of redeemed sinners called the Church. A group of redeemed sinners that we are called to do life with, so that we can intentionally “stir up one another to love and good works.” So according to Hebrews 10, being part of this thing called the Church means that it is our privilege to radically love one another by encouraging one another to love and live for Jesus. 


Striving to love radically because of the Gospel - 

Pastor Justin